Monday, May 18, 2009

Old Artwork #2

Back in the early 80's, when I was 'working' (I use the term losely, because no payment was involved, but it was superb practice) fairly regularly producing strips & illustrations for fanzines, I decided one day that I needed to try to work the way the 'pro's did.... that's to say.. working fast!! So I set myself the task of producing a page of pencils & inks per day.. as an exercise, to see what standard I could ahieve with those time constraints.

So I took an episode of Rogue Trooper, & reverse engineered it to come to a reasonable approximation of what the working script may have been, then gave myself a week.. Monday to Friday, to produce the five pages of art... just like I knew my primary artistic influence (Dave Gibbons) could do & did.

Truth is, I didn't complete the full five pages. There was bits & peices on all that needed finishing up. A backgound that needed inking here... a face that needed redrawing there etc. But despite that it was a useful exercise, & a good learning experience.

Here's one of the pages from that experiment.



Blogger ashbarron said...

Great to see some of the older stuff coming out

1:07 AM  

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