Thursday, December 16, 2010

2000AD Prog 2011

Prog (short for 'programme'... 2000AD speak for 'issue') 2011 of 2000AD, hit the shelves yesterday, it's a 100page monster, & among the 10 stories in there, is the Rogue Trooper strip I drew recently.

Check out this link to read a 'round table' interview I took part in with Rogue' writer Gerry Finlay Day, 2000AD editor Matt Smith & Pat Mills (the creator of 2000AD & champion of GFD).

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Blogger Bruce said...

Fantastic work on Rogue, Staz. Really enjoyed that return to a proper 'old school' feel. You put your own stamp on the character too and it would be great to see more untold Rogue Trooper tales from you and Gerry. It was the first thing I read after a quick flick through and is a strong contender for my personal 'best thing in the prog' award.
More please.

6:58 AM  

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