Monday, July 11, 2011

From The Archives #6: Games Workshop, 1990

Back in '90, I heard that Games Workshop were considering branching out into the comics publishing business, & were planning on producing a comic which would rival 2000AD. The plans were very much in the early stages of the magazine, but I contacted them, & was sent a proposal for a strip & was asked to produce some designs for the major characters. These are some of the designs I did.

Nothing ever came of the comic at the time, although as I'm sure you know, GW did eventually get into the market a few years later.

For what it's worth, although they did like these designs, they felt that they didn't look 'Games Workshop-y' enough, & art editor John Blanche made extensive suggestions on tracing paper overlays to show how I should ammend the designs. However, I had already gotten wind that the comic might not go ahead, plus I wasn't being paid to make these sketches/ammendments, so I decided to call it quits, & moved onto another venture. More of which in the next post.


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