Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Recent arrivals

A couple of intriguing things have arrived over the last couple of days. Firstly, this little beaut from DC Comics/Dark Horse.

Many moons ago I pencilled a series for DC called Batman/Aliens 2. Long since out of print, & copies of the collection on Ebay were fetching prices in the £40-£50 price range. However, fortunately, if there's still anyone out there who fancies reading it, it's now been made available in a new volume from DC which also features the original Batman/Aliens by Ron Marz & Bernie Wrightson alongside other tales which pit the Aliens up against various DC heroes.

Then this morning I received these two. Firstly, there is the second issue of the series I did recently for Dark Horse.. King's Road. And secondly, this Civil War collection, which contains  a thing I did for Marvel called War Crimes (or "what I did during the Civil War" by The Kingpin).

All three available form your comics retailer now... presumably.


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