Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wales Comic Con pictures.

As mentioned (& incorrectly named) in a previous post, I attended the Wales Comic Con on Sunday. This was my second time at this show, & like the previous occasion, it was a fun event. The title of comic convention is something of a mis nomer, since the actual comic part pales into insignificance compared to the movie/TV element of the show. However, I didn't find that a detriment, on the contrary, the presence of well known faces from Torchwood, Doctor Who & Star Wars (amongst others) drew a crowd with a much wider demographic than would attend a purely comics event... I believe.

I was positioned inbetween the uber talented twin strikeforce of Neils Roberts & Edwards, both of whom are gentlemen of the first order. I was kept busy most of the day drawing the sketches you see here, & participating in a Q&A session about comics, which some might say was lightly attended, I'd prefer to call it intimate....

My highlights of the day though both came in the guise of unexpected surprises. Firstly I was amazed to find that Neil Marshall (director of Dog Soldiers, The Descent & Centurion, among others) was a last minute announced guest. I'm a huge fan of his work, & managed to say hello to the man himself. He seems a genuinely decent bloke, & the fact that as I made my babbling fanboy approach he seemed to be checking over my shoulder just to make sure that the security guys were close by won't make me change my opinion. My second highlight was meeting voice actor Marc Silk.. he does a few of the voices in a couple of my daughters favorite TV shows (Fifi & The Flowertots & Roary The Racing Car), he gave me signed photo's for both my kids, & his Patrick Allen voice had me giggling to myself for hours afterwards.... a genuinely funny guy.

Anyway, hope you like the drawings, & if you were there I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.



Anonymous Michelle | Poster Prints said...

Wow, real cool staz. I'd kill to be able to draw as good as you. Well, not really, but it would be nice. I'm sure it took yo9u almost no time at all.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the awesome Wolverine (:
After watching you work in Glyndwr Comic Con my friend that was with me has started to draw more and was really inspired by your work.
It's going to be hard to pass it on as a gift as it's already taken a proud place in my bedroom... for the meantime.
Happy drawing. The girl with the Star Wars top x

8:02 AM  

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