Friday, July 15, 2011

From The Archives #11: Zero To Hero

I'm sure some if not all of you are aware that I was involved in a TV show called Zero To Hero back in 2003/4. For those not familiar with it, the show was a kind of combination of Scrapheap Challenge & Gladiators.... what a heady mix.

Anyway, regardless of the show itself, which came & went without much of a fanfare, this post is to show some of the artwork I did to be used on the show itself, & on the website dedicated to it at the time.

The pencil pieces were done to be used as set decoration for a portion of the set which was supposed to be the comic artists studio. It would have taken an eagle eyed viewer to see them in the background, & since the show had problems attracting ANY viewers, eagle eyed or otherwise, I'm sure this is the first time anyone will have seen them. I did 15 or more of these things, but the ones shown here were the only ones I could locate.

The colour images were done for the Zero To Hero website, & were given away as prizes in online competitions. They feature the designs the costume design team & I came up with for the superhero costumes featured on the show. At the time, I had just purchased my first computer, & knew nothing about colouring using Photoshop to colour, as a result, the artwork was all done in markers, but with a few Photoshop filter effects added on top in attempt to mimic the computer coloured look of American comic books. It wasn't a technique that was particularly successful, but needs must. Where possible I've tried to include the original colour marker drawing prior to any Photoshop filter jiggery pokery.

For those who wonder what the heck I'm blathering on about, there's a few You Tube videos to give you a flavour of the show.


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