Monday, December 01, 2014

Con sketches for sale.

Yesterday (November 30) I appeared at the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham. The event (as is usual these days it seems) featured a few comic pros & a whole bunch of celebrities from film, TV & sport. Despite it being extremely well attended (the queue went around the block more than once before the doors opened) it was something of a quiet affair for me personally, unfortunately. As a result, in the frequent gaps in activity, I took the time to do a few unsolicited sketches, a couple of which did eventually find homes, but the six shown here were left like wallflowers awaiting a dance..... So if anyone reading this (does anyone still read this??) fancies having one (it might solve the Christmas present dilemma for that one particularly awkward relative) they are available on a 'first come first served' basis for the paltry sum of £22 which includes postage (UK residents only, if you're a damn foreigner ask for postage rates). Just leave me a message in the comments, or at Given that there are three 'Hulk' images, you'd probably better specify exactly which one you want, if you have a preference.

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Blogger Kid said...

Well worth £22 of anyone's money - hope they sell. (I know that's a weak alternative to buying one myself, but I only collect 'old' art.)

5:52 PM  
Blogger Staz Johnson said...

No worries Kid. 'Sell' or 'not sell', doesn't really make that much difference, I just thought it'd be better for them to go to a good home rather than get kicked around the studio for a couple of months before ending up in the recycling with the old newspapers.. :-) .

1:10 AM  

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