Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hero Initiative Spiderman charity sketch covers

I was asked by Jim McLauchlin of The Hero Initiative (a charitable organisation set up to help comic book artists who have fallen on hard times) to contribute to a huge Spider-Man sketch cover project. Marvel Comics have donated one hundered blank-cover copies of Ultimate Spider-Man #100, & the Hero Initiative have managed to track down every surviving artist who has ever drawn Spider-Man to provide a sketch on one of these blanks. These will then be auctioned off.
For some reason, your's truely was asked to do two...maybe they thought I'd f**k up the first one(Heh-heh), & here they are at left for your perusal .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those pics are very good Staz, but i need to say that is so sad that many of the artists have a very difficult moments. I hope that this serves as aid for those who really needs it.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are both lovely sketches Staz and for a very worthy cause. I wish I had the chance to bid on them but being stuck here in Thailand doesn't help. Cheers John

4:45 PM  

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