Monday, May 10, 2010

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta.

As I type this, I have no doubt that anyone who follows a blog about a comicbook artist will already be aware of the news that the greatest fantasy artist of all time, has died today aged 82. However, I couldn't let his passing go unmentioned.

Frank Frazetta was a massive influence on me, just as he must have been on every other 'fantasy' artist of my generation, & probably of the previous generation too. At 16 I painted a copy of his 'The Destroyer' painting on my bedroom wall... I studied every single one of his paintings & drawings I could find, just in the hope that some of his genius might rub off on me. Of course, it didn't, but it didn't stop me looking.

You know what, I'm gonna stop talking.. Frank Frazetta was simply the greatest there ever was. That's it.. that's all there is.


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