Monday, May 13, 2013

Knight & Squire

Some time ago I was asked by my pal & partner in comicbook crime, Jimmy Broxton, to help him out on a project he was working on for DC comics... Knight & Squire. Jimmy was pencilling & inking all the art on the book ( as well as creating lots of back up material) & this intense workload had left him temporarily behind the deadline eightball, something every freelance experiences from time to time. He asked if I could take his already competed thumbnails, & work them up into a more or less inkable pencils cum layouts & I was happy to oblige.

Below are examples of Jimmy's thumbnails, my pencils/layouts, & most interestingly, Jimmy's final inked artwork. Where I still have copies of all three versions of the page, I have combined them into little 'triptych' images. Comparison of the three stages will demonstrate the truely organic method on display, & how the artwork developed through the stages from Jimmy to me & back to Jimmy.

If you want to make some comparison for the pages where I don't have copies of either the thumbnails or the final inks, you could do a lot worse than pick up a copy of the Knight & Squire trade. Written by Paul Cornell & drawn superbly by Jimmy Broxton, it's a fun look at superhero tropes, filtered through  a uniquely British lens.


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