Tuesday, May 07, 2013


When the new digital comics reader app 'Madefire' launched last year, I was asked to contribute a few pages. This strip exists within the 'Captain Stone' narrative, & was intended to be a story within a story. In style, the intention was for the strip to look like one of those comics from the early 90's, when all comic heroes solved their problems with big guns, gritted teeth & (apparantly) no feet... or at least, they weren't visible through all the knee deep perpetual mist/dust.

As is the case with all my comic work these days, the pencils (such as they are) were scanned in then printed out as faint blueline images & the inking was done over these printouts (saves erasing, & also preserves the original pencil should I mess up the inking & require another copy to ink).

I coloured the art in a faux vintage approach, & dropped in a paper texture on a layer below the artwork in order to further enhance the 'old school' illusion.


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