Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quest Of The Gods

July 1st sees the relaease of two books I worked on for Usborne publishing. Both are part of a series called 'Quest Of The Gods', & the individual tiles are 'Flight Of The Falcon God' & 'Rise Of The Horned Warrior'. They are adventure stories primarily aimed at (I imagine) pre-teen & early-teen boys. They tell the stories of a young boy in Ancient Egypt, who rises from obscurity to be Pharaoh, & both are written by Dan Hunter. On 'Falcon God I provided the cover image only, while on 'Horned Warrior I did both the cover art & the interior greyscale illustrations. If they seem like your cup of tea, they are available via Amazon : Rise Of The Horned Warrior, Flight Of The Falcon God.

All artwork is copyright Usborne Publishing.

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