Friday, June 14, 2013

Unknown Soldier 3

Here's more of the art from my short run on The Unknown Soldier which ran in DC's G.I.Combat last year. These pages are from the third episode. Pencils & the final inks as per the previous posts, but in addition here, is an example of the other stage in the process, the initial 'thumbnail' layouts. I'm afraid I couldn't find a copy of the 'thumb's for the previous Unknown Soldier posts, so was unable to show them. This stage was done to pin down the storytelling. It's not a I had ever done prior to working on this strip (previously, my thumbnails were just done on the actual script & were for my eyes only before I got stuck into the actual pencil), but was done at the request of editorial for approval. It was something I found to be a big help & I can see myself doing this on every project from now on. After the thumbs were approved, I printed them out as bluelines & used them as a guide when I drew the pencils.


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