Friday, May 21, 2010

The One That Got Away.....

Recently I was asked by a manufacturer of interactive museum displays to contribute to a pitch for a contract to produce new exhibit for a major museum, which would feature comicbook style artwork. The artwork once drawn, would be animated & viewers of the exhibit would be able interact directly with it, in some way I don't actually understand.... (technical luddite here!)

Anyway, for purposes of the pitch I was asked to provide a loose storyboard, to demonstrate my 'comicbook artists' eye. I was provided with a basic synopsis of a real life story, which I had to interpret as a 14 panel storyboard.

There wasn't a lot of time & absolutely no money, but I took a day out of my schedule, & drew up the storyboard. As you can probably tell, it tells a story of British soldiers in combat.

However, after sending in the artwork I was informed that due to a mix up in terminology that when they asked me to draw a storyboard, what they actually meant was a comicstrip. So at the eleventh hour I took the 14 panel storyboard, & rejigged the panels in to a three page comicstrip. You can see the result further down this post.

Sadly, the company's pitch was unsuccesful, & the contract went to a rival provider. In an ironic twist, this was the second time in recent weeks that I had been involved with projects relating to our armed forces abroad which fell at the final hurdle.


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