Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rogue Trooper preview

As brought to my attention by the superb AIEEE! blog, a Rogue Trooper strip I drew recently was previewed in the mighty 2000AD last week.
I managed to track down a copy (which wasn't as easy as I'd anticipated, but ASDA came to the rescue yet again), & for those of you who don't pick up the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, here's a scan. As you can see, the strip was written by the original writer of the strip Gerry Finlay Day, so it was a huge thrill for me, being a massive fan of the character from way back.

This particular prog, marks the return of another legend, art droid Brendan McCarthy to Dredd after a 20 year absence, so it's well worth picking up.

I'll post a proper look 'behind the scenes' at the Rogue strip as soon as I get time.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas sale of artwork on Ebay.

I have a bunch of artwork on Ebay currently, any of which would make an excellent Christmas gift...*hint* *hint*

Click here to see what's on offer, & in the meantime, here's a bunch of images from the art for sale.