Monday, June 20, 2011

Transformers & Heroes art on Ebay.

In addition to the whole heap of Marvel & DC art I put on Ebay at the weekend, I also have decided to offer up some of the pages I did for the HEROES strips (as in the TV show). I recognise that as these are drawn in pencil, & not inked, they may be an aquired taste, but there they are nevertheless, similarly, the work I did on the Titan Transformers magazine a couple of years ago, these are currently on Ebay also.

Here's a selection of the pages, & click here to see the full list of what's available.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

They think it's all over...... It is now!!!

No, not a post relating to England's epic victory in the 1966 World Cup, but rather just to let you know that the graphic novel adaptation of Dracula that you & I long thought complete, in fact wasn't..... but now is. "Wha.....?" I hear you mutter. Well, it goes like this. I had thought that my work on said volume was finished over a year ago, but recently, the publishers asked if I would mind producing an additional six pages of artwork, to "fill in a few continuity gaps". After having produced some 130 pages for the book already, I certainly didn't want another artist coming in at the eleventh hour to provide pages which would inevitably be different in style, & a visual jar in the final published book. And so I agreed.

The new pages don't contain anything of real dramatic import, but are rather best described as bridges to fill certain storytelling gaps, & will be interspersed throughout the book. So what's on these pages? Well, more of the same really... blokes dressed in black, & ladies with their boobs hanging out... which pretty much sums up my entire comic career for these last 30 years. Convenient.

Here's some of the raw images prior to being cleaned up digitally & formatted into the actual finished pages. All of these are inked with Sharpies over bluline printouts of pencil layouts.



Hi, just a quickie post to let you know that there is currently upwards of 40 pages of my artwork for sale on Ebay, click here to check out what's available.