Saturday, March 29, 2014

Iceberg Art Dump

Iceberg??? Yep! The body of work that most illustrators produce is like an iceberg, in that the bit most people see (the tip of the iceberg) is only a minor part of what actually gets done. To put it simply, that core goal of this blog from day one was to show that portion of the iceberg which usually stays below the water line.

So presented here, is a bunch of stuff I found in a box kicking around my studio. I almost never throw any sketches & prep work away, but by the same token, I don't keep it all nice & neat & in some kind of order.. they just get thrown in a drawer, or a box or something. So in this particular box was sketches from work I did fairly recently, alongside material from almost 30 year ago.It's presented here without individual explanations, if anyone sees something that they'd like to know more about, then ask in the comments section & I'll do my best to answer. Not that I'm expecting too many questions judging by the pitifully few comments this blog attracts on the whole.. ya bunch of ingrates!!.

Here's the art..

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