Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Phantom tribute picture...

So the Birmingham International Comics Show was just this weekend gone. It was a good fun show, in an interesting venue. I made lots of new aquaintances, amongst whom were Barry & Dave the guys from The Geek Syndicate . If you visit their site you can listen to a very funny podcast about the Con'.

I spent most of Saturday just hanging out at the show, apart from in the morning when I spent a little time on my contribution to a huge art installation devoted to The Phantom, who celebrates his 70th year this year... not bad for a guy in purple striped underpants! Here you can see me working on the piece...in the freezing cold, using the bottom of an empty beer glass as a pallet, what a glamorous life I lead. These photo's were taken by Chris Monk, & if you visit his online gallery you can see more photo's from the show.

The pics of the completed pic, & how it looked once it had a few more to keep it company were taken by Logan181 (don't know you real name,sorry) from the Comic Geek Speak forum.

Sunday saw me pretty much chaind to a table while I signed comics & sketched for anyone who was interested. If I manage to get scans of any of the sketches I did, I'll be sure to put them on here.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Captain America: One Minute Later

This is something I did a while ago, & for some reason I kept forgetting to put it on here. It was a private commission for art collector Michael Finn. The idea was to take a well known cover (preferably featuring Captain America... a big fan of the Cap is our Michael), then imagine what would be happening 'One Minute Later' in that scenario. The original cover dates from the 1980's (by Frank Miller , & I've included it here for comparisson) so I've attempted to do the art in a 1980's style (the approach to the inking etc), & is why, Cap here bears little resemblance to the current incarnation of the character.

You can view all of Michael's One Minute Later commissions

If you'd like a Private Commission of your own, you can get in touch via the contact page on the main website .

Kingpin: War Crimes Inks & Colors

Tom Palmer (inker on WarCrimes, & all round decent bloke) recently sent me a couple of pages of his inks, so here they are for your delectation. Also a couple of pages of inked & colored pages taken from the Marvel website.

You'll have seen the pencils for one of these pages earlier in the blog (the one with the rather delectable Agent Hill). The page with the U-Boats goes down as the page which I spent the most (& inordinate ammount of) time on. I'm a sucker for all that WWII stuff, & I really wanted to make sure I got all the details right. Was it worth the effort? Did I actually get all the details right?...You be the judge.