Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Usual Suspect...MegaCity1 styleee

Here's a private commission I just did. The client wanted this Usual Suspects style identity parade, but with Kevin Spacey et al substituted for a roster of Dredd-verse perps.... a no-prize for the first one to name them all. If you think you see Catwoman in the mix & are wondering why, well you're right, & the reason is that the client (a mysterious shadowy figure, known only as 'Chief') wanted one of the characters in the line up to be a character with whom I am associated. Of all the characters I've worked on Catwoman seemed best to fit in with a line up of crims, so that was that.

I sketched out the five characters separately, then pieced it together in Photoshop, trying them in a few different orders until I got one that I thought worked best. On a side note, I obviously wasn't switched on when I sketched out Catwoman, for some reason I forgot to give her the cat's ears to her costume... sheesh. I also got Judge Fear's helmet almost completely wrong...

Anyway, the client approved the pencil layout. At this point when doing art for publication I would print this image out as a blueline & ink that, however, since this was for a private commission, & may well end up in a frame, I figured that those printed blue pencils might look a bit 'nasty', so instead I printed it out as a black image & lightboxed it through onto the actual artboard prior to inking.

That's it, all done. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you want something similar, it will cost you £250+p&p.


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