Monday, June 10, 2013

Wolverine Private Commission

I haven't had many opportunities to draw Wolverine in full superhero gear, so it was a pleasant surprise when a client (Rob Green) asked for a commission of him in any costume of my choice. I opted for his original yellow & blue combo, but decided to leave the cowl off so we could see his face, & instead show that in the background image. Having sketched out the two elements separately, I scanned them & combined them into this layout in Photoshop.

I printed this out, & with the aid of a lightbox transfered it to the artboard. Laying colour markers over black fineliners can result in smearing of the linework, so to avoid this, I layed the colour in first. I don't usually put this much colour into a commission, but this time, I felt the piece required it. All finished, client happy... sorted!!


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