Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unknown Soldier

Last year I did a short run on the 'Unknown Soldier' back up strip in DC Comics now defunct title 'G. I. Combat'. For those who didn't read this incarnation of the character, the premise had nothing to do with those famous Joe Kubert World War II stories, infact (from my point of view at least) it has more in common with the Jason Bourne movies than anything else. Lot's of gritty (at times even brutal) action, lost identities, covert government agencies etc . An absolute BLAST to draw, & I think a lot of fun to read too.So, if you're into that kind of thing, you could do a lot worse than track down a copy of the G.I.Combat trade, which not only has the Unknown Soldier material, but collects all the other storied that ran in the title.

Anyway, there is much too much material to put in one post, so I may return to the subject at a later date, but for now, here's some of the pencils & finished inks for the first episode I drew. As you will see, the script (by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Grey) gave me lots of opportunity to draw a variety of historical combat scenes, & since doing the research is one of the fun parts of this job, I was as happy as a pig in the proverbial...If you want to know why the character appears to be talking to a crow in some scenes, well, you're just going to have to go buy that trade to find out..... 'cos I'm damned if I can tell you. As usual, I printed the pencils out as faint bluelines, & inked those inorder to preserve the original graphite drawings.


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